Here We Are: The Burberry Exhibition

I’ve always loved London. Growing up within the hustle and bustle of commuters, teenagers and parents struggling to get their kids in the car for school was always fun to see. Having grown up (and ‘fled the nest’ as mums would say) to start university just over a year ago, I have more of an … Continue reading Here We Are: The Burberry Exhibition

Cascais is a Capital for the Youth

A tiny town in the seaside just 30 minutes away from Lisbon, Portugal’s capital. A sunny place, with a vibrant energy, lovely beaches, museums and natural parks. This is Cascais, 2018’s European Youth Capital. Following cities like Rotterdam (Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium), Maribor (Slovenia) and another Portuguese town, Braga, is Cascais turn to showcase why is … Continue reading Cascais is a Capital for the Youth

The history of East London’s pie and mash

Pie and mash anyone? Check out the new blog by our own Kirstie Chambers, A Taste of Travelling.

A Taste of Travelling

The beginning of my food travels starts in East London. Growing up with my mother’s side having a London background, I found a lot of my childhood traveling to the East End for a hearty dish of ‘pie and mash’, which is a popular dish from the 19th century.

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