Why you should watch: Small Crimes

Small Crimes isn’t Westeros, but Jamie Lannister still decided to turn up. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau plays Joe Denton, a corrupt cop recently out of prison for attempted murder. Alcoholic narcissist Denton was put away after carving up the local District Attorney more than a Christmas turkey, but we’re informed early on that he wants to make … Continue reading Why you should watch: Small Crimes

Dr. Martens Launch Event

On Wednesday 6th December, Dr. Martens launched their highly anticipated new store with Southampton’s finest music acts providing a night of raucous celebration. Support artist and singer/songwriter Sean McGowan warmed the crowd with an energetic folk-punk performance, playing to an audience eager to welcome him to the brand-new store. We had a chat with Sean before the event. Next up headline act … Continue reading Dr. Martens Launch Event

A Christmas COSMO

"And it was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well" - eating loads of food and complaining about the cold weather normally works out quite well for me. Luckily enough, COSMO is inside, warm and has a superb menu. After being invited to sample COSMO's new Christmas themed selection of … Continue reading A Christmas COSMO

Megan Maddex steps down as SU President

Southampton Solent Student Union President Megan Maddex released a statement last week, notifying the University and Students of her resignation after 18 months in office. Maddex, as SU President, acts as the primary spokesperson for the Students’ Union and Chair of the Board of Trustees and ultimately aims to enhance students’ experiences within the Union … Continue reading Megan Maddex steps down as SU President

Happy Death Day is lite in tone and scares

"Happy Death Day is a healthy mix of both Groundhog Day and Scream, this much is obvious and almost every critic is going to notice it." Jessica Rothe stars in what most would assume is a horrifying tale of a girl trying to figure out who her killer is, or face being stuck in an … Continue reading Happy Death Day is lite in tone and scares

Doctor Who: Smile fails to impress

Writer Frank Cottrell-Boyce returns to pen another below par attempt at a Doctor Who episode. Cottrell-Boyce's most recent other creation in Doctor Who was In the Forest of the Night during Series 8, which was quickly regarded as one of the worst episodes ever made. However I tried to keep my pessimism at an all-time … Continue reading Doctor Who: Smile fails to impress

Doctor Who makes a ‘splash’ as Series 10 kicks off

After taking a year off in 2016, Doctor Who has returned to our screens and is ready to blow our minds wide open. The Pilot is a fun reboot style episode that isn't a reboot, with a snazzy title that nods to this fact, while also referencing the actual episode. That makes sense once you've … Continue reading Doctor Who makes a ‘splash’ as Series 10 kicks off