Harry Styles’ debut album shot to number one from release, so it was no real surprise that the UK leg of his first ever solo tour sold out in minutes. Our very own Deputy Editor, Isabelle Truscott was one of the lucky few that got to see the former One Directioner live at London’s Eventim Apollo.

Now, I was never a One Direction “superfan” as a young teen – granted Harry’s curls circa 2010 could make anyone swoon – so it came as a surprise to me that I fell in love with the group when I came to university two and a half years ago.

So, as soon as I knew Harry would be touring with his first solo attempt, especially as fans weren’t given a ‘Made in the A.M’ tour, I couldn’t say no. Tickets, even for a London venue, weren’t overly expensive.

Tickets bought, we had a 5 month wait before the concert.

As expected, the queue for the event was crazy. Rumours of girls camping for over a week just to see Harry passed through the queue and shocked most who arrived on the day.
We waited for 8 hours to reach the doors, surviving off pizza and hot chocolate provided by Harry and his team.

Once inside the excitement really kicked in, I was finally going to the Harry Styles, live in concert.


We managed to be only 6 or 7 rows from the front and had an amazing view of centre stage.

The opening act for the night, American electro group, MUNA, took to the stage and hit the crowd with not only great music, but an uplifting outlook on the concert-going experience. We were given the chance to listen to the trio’s original music and were treated to an amazing cover of Stevie Nicks’, ‘Edge of Seventeen’.

“Although I loved every second of the night, I’ll need a few months to seriously recover before I head to another One Directioner’s gig!”

Then we waited. As many had kept a close eye on the gig the night before, we weren’t shocked when a large pink and floral cloth (matching the motif of Harry’s album artwork) fell from the lights. Screams vibrated around the room. The lights came down and all we could see was the silhouette of the man we came to see, guitar in hand.

It was in this moment that there was a sudden surge of movement both in front of, and behind me, where everyone rushed to get even closer to the gold suited man before us. This caused me to be separated from my friends and to be closed in on all sides by screaming strangers; most of whom clearly had no concept of personal boundaries. I had my feet stood on, my hair pulled out and felt the constant presence of a hovering arm beside my head filming the whole show. My excitement for the next hour or so began to dwindle.


However, even though my fellow fans disappointed me, I cannot say the same for Mr Styles. The show opened with a haunting rendition of, ‘Ever Since New York’ – one of Harry’s more chilled tracks from the album. Thanks to the screams of Theberge girls around me, were then treated to not one, but to two rounds of the raucous ‘Kiwi’. Harry’s dance style during ‘Kiwi’ is extremely reminiscent of the great Mick Jagger – crazy but oh-so-cool! Some fans even brought their own kiwi fruits with them – one threw the fruit on stage which caused Harry to ironically slip during the same song.

The show closed with the hit, ‘Sign of The Times’. The crowd singing along with the man of the hour, I saw many girls in tears as they realised the show was coming to an end.

Although I loved every second of the night, I’ll need a few months to seriously recover before I head to another One Directioner’s gig!

Photos – Harry Styles at the BBC.
By Isabelle Truscott

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