A tiny town in the seaside just 30 minutes away from Lisbon, Portugal’s capital. A sunny place, with a vibrant energy, lovely beaches, museums and natural parks. This is Cascais, 2018’s European Youth Capital.

Following cities like Rotterdam (Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium), Maribor (Slovenia) and another Portuguese town, Braga, is Cascais turn to showcase why is it such an attractive place for young people – for the ones who choose to call it home – 40% of its population is under 35 years old- or for a few days away from their realities – with Cascais being one of the most famous holiday spots in Portugal.

When asked about their hometown, it is hard for the young locals of this place with more than 600 years of history to say a bad word about the place where they grew up.

“Cascais has a magical vibe which is hard to explain. It literally makes us love this town!”, says Gonçalo, 19, who has been living in Cascais whole is life.

“There are beaches, parks, bars and nightclubs for everyone and it provides an easy access to Lisbon with a 30-minute train journey – which is gorgeous! Is there any youngster who would not love to live here?”

The opportunity to be European Youth Capital for a year has actually made the council to create even more events and activities to young people to be involved with. This is the opinion shared by Diogo, 20. He was born and raised in Cascais and is currently studying Medicine in Lisbon: “This will be great to call more young people to our town. It will encourage the promotion of dialogue between cultures, something really important and which has been missing all around the world, including Europe”.

Sunsets at the Guincho beach or a walk through the historical city centre while eating the famous Santini ice-cream – consider by locals the best in the world – there is always something new, different and exciting to do in this beautiful and welcoming town.

By Daniela Palma 


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