TV and Film are going through a weird and wonderful stage. Conventions are being broken left, right and centre, which is a good thing. Staying in one spot would cause the industry to go stagnant and die a slow and painful death. Healthy change breeds even more change. Although, it is also scary and many will try to reject it immediately. This is to be expected. Change embodies the one thing that all humans innately fear, which is the unknown, the sublime and the different.

The entertainment industry is constantly updating itself and keeping with the times, it evolves. But strong female leads aren’t a new invention in the industry. Which is why I rather baffled by the media’s over the top responses to the new lead of Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker.

Obviously the first female taking on the world famous role of the Doctor is big news. We’re all witnessing a marvellous occasion, and an occasion which will certainly go down in the history books. But it’s definitely not anything ground-breaking and I hope the show doesn’t act like it is. We’ve seen a wide variety of strong female roles in the past twenty or more years. There’s so many it’s honestly quite staggering when you think about it.

Jodie Whittaker, the 13th Doctor.

Everyone from Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs, to Rey in the latest Star Wars movie, Furiosa in Mad Max or Ripley in Alien! This is simply the short-list, and what I can promise you is strong female and male leads will continue no matter what happens. Not that this isn’t a relevant debate, which is why I’m talking about it.

Some seem worried about a lack of male role models for young boys. One Peter Davision made this point, which I agree is a valid argument. However I’d argue that maybe we’ve moved past role models that are separated into categories for boys and girls. Quite possibly we can have role models for people. Or maybe choose from the massive pile of awesome male leads already out there if we’re so inclined.

“What I find very frustrating is that the Doctor Who fandom is being vilified at the moment” – Steven Moffat

Quite honestly the ‘debate’, about Jodie Whittaker, is being blown way out of proportion. Soon to be ex-Doctor Who show-runner Steven Moffat has made some excellent points at San-Diego Comic-Con recently.

“There’s endless stories about the ‘huge’ backlash against the new Doctor. Not true.” – “80% approval on social media. 80%! We haven’t got a government that gets elected on those figures.”

It’s no surprise the media has made a bigger deal about this piece of news. But TV and Film will continue to evolve no matter what the media may say. Which is fantastic, there’s so much more the industry can achieve and we’ve already gotten some marvellous pieces of entertainment this year. We should all be excited for the future, and all the new and interesting innovations that are yet to be thought of, because anything could happen.

By Robert Anderson @mysuperglasses

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