From the depths of Hollywood’s history, the mighty Kong is back, and this time, with cinemas latest technology under his feet, he’s packing even more of a punch.

As the title would make you expect, Kong: Skull island is set in within Warner Bros. continually expanding “Monsterverse”, but takes on a new tale surrounding the King of the monsters that we haven’t seen before. Instead of him making his way to land, to level New York, this time it is the humans who are coming to his place. John Goodman playing Bill Randa, a ‘suit’ from a mysterious organisation who believes the world is inhabited by undiscovered monsters, teams up with Samuel L. Jacksons character, soldier Preston Packard, fresh off the end of the Vietnam War. Together the compose a team of soldiers and scientists to explore an undiscovered plot of land known as Skull Island. You can probably imagine what happens next.

The film very quickly jumps you into the actions. Fans of the Avengers films will feel very much at home, in the visual and spectacular fights. Even some of the cast will feel quite familiar, with Jackson (Nick fury), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) and even John C. Reilly (Corpsman Dey) featuring as main characters in this film as well. The Director of Photography, Larry Fong gives us a great visual insight into this action, giving us shots from great angles that not only give us the fully picture but do a great deal to recreate the terrifying events as though we, the audience are right there on the island.

With it’s emphasis on the action, the film feels very much like a throwback to the epic monster movies of old. The film makes use of modern CGI in the same ways that the older films pioneered the genre with their use of special effects. Stylistically, the film is very strong and visual. Those looking for some good old fashion monster action will not be disappointed. This film also feels very much like the prequel film to the “Monserverse”, and clearly sets up plot points that will become important in later films, so make sure to watch this space!

By Simon Keene

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