From the franchise that kick-started the genre of superhero blockbusters as we know them today, and proved to us the importance of great casting, comes a film, not about saving the world. No giant sky beams caused by aliens, looking for macguffins or damsels in destress, but the story of a man. A lone wolf, in the epilogue of his life. Logan.

The film follows the familiar character of Wolverine, much later-on in his life and still on the run. He is old, beaten and tired, and everything that we’ve seen and known to happen to him has taken its toll on his soul.

Hot off the surprise success of Deadpool (2016), 20th Century Fox have managed to pioneer a new form of superhero movie, in these smaller character piece films. Hugh Jackman reprises his role of Wolverine for the last time. He is joined by Sir Patrick Stewart and Steven Merchant in a tiny cast of actors in what is noticeably a smaller, more character driven film. What’s great about this new simplistic approach to these superhero films, is that with a smaller story and smaller cast, there is now a greater focus on the individual characters themselves, and their own development. It’s a great example of how much better films can be when actors are weaponised as storytellers to give a film a punch, that won’t just smash an alien, but smash down your heart as well. And I’m not just talking about the limitless violence of which the film makes an effective use of.

From my research, it seems that Jackman himself has had a lot of influence in the creation of this film right from the start. The initial idea for the story and themes of the film where his. Other great films are a testimony to this, like The Dark Knight (2008), in which Heath Ledgers famous incarnation of The Joker was developed by Christopher Nolan and Ledger well before the Nolan even began writing the Script. I saw an interview with Jackman after watching the film, and I had genuinely forgotten what he looked like in real life because his transformation into the film was so convincing and enjoyable.

It’s great to see the character building skills of actors really being utilised in film. Other aspects as well, such as the choice of songs and use of special effects solidly build up the cinematic world that will keep you constantly engaged and believing. Amongst the other aspects that make this a great film, the themes and characterisation alone should be reason enough for you to go and watch it.

By Simon Keene

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