Disclaimer: spoilers involved! Broadchurch is coming back to our screens in one week, and I think it’s safe to say that everyone is a little bit excited for it. And when I say a little bit, I mean counting down the days until we get stare at David Tennant and his lovely face again.

The first teaser trailer was released over Christmas, turning a time which is meant to be spent with our families into a case of searching the internet for more hints and clues into what’s to come. The initial trailer has since been removed, but sources still stand by the idea that this series will explore a completely new case, involving a local woman who has been subjected to a traumatic sexual assault.

There is no indication of whether, like the series two, the third series will have two storylines. Or whether or not the Latimer’s will feature in it at all; either way it would be absurd for them not to hint at what actually became of them since Joe Miller was released.

The first series was aired in April 2013, taking viewers through a whirlwind of murder, lies, deceit and infidelity. To people who haven’t watched the show, that may sound very dark, and it is. But from the outset you become hooked on the story of 11 year old Danny Latimer (played by Oskar McNamara) whose body was found along the coast, to the point where even if you hate it, you can’t not find out the ending. It was DI Alec Hardy (David Tenant) and DI Miller’s (Olivia Colman) job to figure out how exactly his body ended up on the beach, and more importantly, who killed him.

The second series is what I think shocked us most. After coming to terms that it was in fact Joe Miller (Matthew Gravelle), DI Miller’s husband that caused the death of Danny Latimer, the end credits rose up with the texts ‘Broadchurch will return’. Annoyingly, we had to wait for two years for it to hit our screens again, but it was worth it as this time it put us through our paces even more, making us experience not only the themes from above all over again, but a sprinkle of anger and frustration on top.

This time the series ended as it was, leaving viewers thinking that it was all over for Broadchurch; which was fair enough considering they had already created two jaw dropping series that had the nation addicted, on top of winning a hat-rick of awards at the BAFTAS in 2014. But two years later again and here we are, waiting with high expectation to see just how they are going to expand the story further for a third series.

The official air date has been confirmed as February 27th on ITV, so prepare yourselves, this series could be Chris Chibnall’s best yet.

By Lauren Bradley

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