Leslie Knope knows all – and here are the 10 times that Leslie has summed up your time at university. 

1. You started off the university year full of excitement and had the best two weeks of your life for Freshers!


2. You turned up to your first lecture full of excitement and optimism and feeling ready and determined to learn this time!
2. Turning up to your first lecture of the year full of optimism and excitement .gif

3. However you soon realise that you were too enthusiastic and you don’t really understand a word of the session.


4. Working in a group usually results in you taking control and actually making sure the work gets completed.


5. You soon realise turning up to your 9am session after a far too Cheeky Tuesday at Oceana was a complete mistake.


6.  Deadlines for university means that sleep becomes a distant memory.


7. You develop trust issues with your tutors after being told the work wasn’t assessed and simple when it was actually the complete opposite. 


8. You resort to assuring yourself that staying at university is the best option you have right now, even after considering quitting at least three times a day. 


9. At the end of the year, the SU hold a summer ball and you get a bit too drunk before taking on karaoke and hitting the floor too early. 


10. However, at the end of the year when you finally finish the year, you know all of the pain and suffering was ultimately worth it and you wouldn’t be anywhere else.

10. Finally finishing a year at university .gif

By Jarrod Jones

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