Following the success of last year’s animal-loving films like Zootropolis, Finding Dory, and Secret Life Of Pets, Illumination Entertainment bring us another great film that will have everyone Sing-ing along.As was made clear by the trailers and marketing in the build up to the film, Sing follows multiple characters on their way to competing in a singing competition. Matthew McConaughey stars as the competition organiser trying to bring the show together. McConaughey isn’t the only famous voice you’ll hear in this production though.

The whole cast is alight with acting talent from Scarlett Johansson to Jennifer Saunders. Fans of Seth MacFarlane, such as myself, will be pleased to witness the return of his incredible voice outside of his own cartoons like Family Guy. The great thing about MacFarlane and indeed the rest of the cast’s performances is that at no point will you be distracted by putting their faces to the voices. In fact, as a testament to the talent of the actors involved, most of them were unrecognisable to me until seeing their names pop up in the credits.

In fact, a lot of the more visible aspects of production appear to be very well portrayed. As with most other Illumination films, there is a great use of physical comedy to the scenes. People of all ages will laugh out loud at some of the gags in this film. Everything from the decoration of the scenes, to the precise mannerisms of characters in the background has been finished to a fine quality. The way the characters and animated to move in the perfect blend of humanisation, characterisation and animalisation is a clear signifier that a lot of care and attention has gone into the making.

It’s safe to say that no matter how old you are, or how serious you are about films, Sing will bring you a good show. Unbeatable animation, original comedy and quite a moving story about doing what you love, and not letting life, are what gives Sing the song and dance that it deserves.

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