Is there such thing as a ‘Bah-Humbug!’ but for Valentine’s Day? The Grinch who stole Valentine’s maybe? Probably not. While reading this you should consider that to be completely honest, I don’t hate Valentine’s Day that much…just a tiny little bit.

I can understand why so many people enjoy spending money on the ones they love. There’s nothing wrong with making time for the person you love and reminding them how much you care about them. But is that just it? Are we such a simple race that we use, or even require a specified day to reassure our significant other that we like them? Maybe we do, but I think we’re better than that.

There are many arguments for and against Valentine’s Day. For one, Cupid’s day of love has become excruciatingly commercial, especially during the 21st Century with the ease of online shopping. We have so many holidays already! I’m concerned my wallet is going to have a mental breakdown when one day it realises we have to break open the bank to keep on track with the rest of western society’s never-ending celebrations.

Cue the tiny violin because I probably just sound like the regular ole’ bitter single person. And it would be easy for me to sit around and frown at every couple running around in red jumpers, sharing cheap chocolate and getting sick of the sight of each other – but I don’t, I generally tend to just get on with regular everyday life.

When it comes to down to the numbers, Valentine’s Day tends to look like a dying holiday. Recent surveys point to a 10% drop in spending compared to 2016’s record high spending. If you think about it, it’s really a ‘non-holiday’ simply used for commercial gain. Moreover, it’s certainly one holiday that the diamond industry has capitalised on since the 1960’s – continuously using advertising to promote the Valentine’s proposal.

Although, I would probably be all behind Valentine’s if it was a bank holiday and I could hit the snooze button on my morning alarm.

However, I do find it pleasant to see people making the extra effort to spend time together, I know how difficult and busy life can be. But despite, this I also believe they should really be putting this kind of effort in during the whole year rather than just when they’re told to. Isn’t that spontaneous expression of love always better than the planned, scheduled and expected? Honestly I prefer to not celebrate the February 14th ‘holiday’ and even if I was in a relationship I’d choose to do something better.

What I’d like to see is people doing something more adventurous during the day. I think that could be fun, we could all try to do something we haven’t done before. Check something off your bucket list, live the day like it’s your last and do something fantastic. Then, like the rest of us lonely losers, hit the shops on February 15th and gorge on even cheaper chocolate. Have a great Valentine’s Day.

By Robert Anderson

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