A Day To Remember hit Cardiff to play a show as part of their UK and Europe tour.

Kicking off the UK and European leg of the Bad Vibes tour, post hardcore act A Day To Remember played to a packed out Motorpoint Arena, performing material stretching across their back catalogue of songs.

Setting out on a tour that will see the band play some of their biggest headline UK shows to date, supported by some of the UK’s youngest and most exciting acts, Moose Blood and Neck Deep, alongside Pop Punk Legend’s New Found Glory which set the audience up nicely for the main event.

From the beginning, the bands loud sounding guitar tones filled the arena as the set was kicked off with ‘Mr. Highways Thinking About The End’, while hitting the audience with a chorus with big sing along value . This abruptly transitioned into the lead single ‘Paranoia’ from the album “Bad Vibrations” which frantically set the pace of the show for the rest of the evening.

To the bands credit, the songs they’ve built the set around ensured they every song they played felt as important and as relevant as the next song.  As a nod of appreciation to the album “For those who have heart” the band played ‘Fast Forward to 2012’ and ‘The Plot To Bomb The Pan Handle’ marking the ten year anniversary since the album release.

The stage show included some nice touches, nothing over bearing and nothing that took away any attention from the music. Whether it was custom animations designed for specific songs or something as simple the music video being played in the background it helped project the bands image and what they’re about on a big stage.

Overall, A Day To Remember kicked of the UK leg of their tour in fine fashion. It’s nice to see this band playing and filling out arenas on a more permanent basis as the music demands to be listened to on a stage as big as this one, and if the band can continue in the vein that has seen them get this far already then there is no doubt in my mind that this band wont be stopped.


By Kyle Wood


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