It’s the start of Safe Week here at SOSU.

Sex education is the first place you really start to have adults tell you about ‘sexual health’ right? Personally, this made me cringe so much and I can’t remember why. I just remember it being awkward and uncomfortable! Maybe it was the fact that my friends were sat opposite looking terrified, my then-boyfriend sat next to attempting to avoid eye-contact for fear of laughter, or the graphic photos & videos we were shown at 9am on a Monday, but although I might not love the chosen delivery of the session – it was important and I’m happy I had the ability to be given the information as not everyone is.

It’s so important to be aware and practise good sexual health, because despite huge advancements in medical science, there are still some illnesses that you probably would prefer not to get – and use of contraceptives can be a great way to avoid them! It’s not often you can actively make a decision to protect yourself against illness, so it’s actually really powerful that you can when it comes to sexual health.


I’m not going to go into detail on specifics, because there’s endless information out there and if you want to know more or ask questions you should pop along to the SAFE Week event in the Spark today and chat to some of the registered service providers or keep an eye out for other posts this week that will highlight the services you can access in Southampton.

It’s SAFE Week so I’ll be posting throughout the week on relevant topics, but feel free to check out the Facebook event, and don’t forget to sign up to self defence classes here too! And don’t forget about this tomorrow either!

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch on or @SolentWelfare!

By Hanna Head

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