1. A Series Of Unfortunate Events
I could not make a list for Netflix without adding this classic. It’s the first season of a show that was originally a movie, adapted from the popular book series. It is about three orphans; a book-obsessed boy, a bitey baby and an inventive sister. There’s a villain who decides to disguise himself and tries to kidnap the children to take their fortune – definitely a must-watch!

2. Hurricane Bianca
The iconic drag queen Bianca Del Rio has finally made a film, GOD BLESS! It’s about her male character who is a science teacher who is forced to move to Texas to get a job. Yet, there are many complications in this misfit school and Bianca Del Rio is born! There are also cameos by Willam, Shangela, Alyssa Edwards and Joslyn Fox.

3. The Duff
Everybody has spoken about this film, so I’m pretty sure you already know what I’m talking about. Starring the beauty that is Bella Thorne, it is about a smart high school girl who learns that she is the designated ugly fat friend in their clique, so she enlists the help of some jocks to give her a makeover.

4. The Theory of Everything
Eddie Redmayne’s Academy Award winning performance as Stephen Hawking – and isn’t he amazing and adorable. It’s about Hawking’s early life and his first love interest – written by his ex wife. It’s romantic, it’s emotional, and I’d be surprised if you hadn’t seen it already.

5. Dirty Grandpa
I remember seeing this film in the cinema and I could not stop laughing! Zac Efron stars as the grandson of a crazy man who he takes on a road trip – which takes a turn to more craziness. The grandfather is obsessed with drugs, sex and booze, and of course, the angelic grandson gets dragged along on a wild ride.

By Jessie Dodd

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