You’ve found a property, signed your contract and paid your fees… What next? Moving in! When you move into your property – if you’re like me – you’ll be excited at the prospect of living with new friends and unpacking all of your things, but there are a few crucial bits you need to make sure you do before you get to all of that!

On day one, you should be presented with an inventory – it’s really important that you make sure you get a copy of this and sign it off so you can add notes. Occasionally, it might take a while longer for it to get put together but make sure you keep on at your estate agents for this so you can document how the property was when you moved in.

As a group, you and your housemates should go around the property and check everything – make notes of any damages, be it on the walls, doors, furniture.. anything. This is important because if you come to the end of your tenancy and there’s a discrepancy between what you say was already there and the agent says differently, this can be used to help secure your deposit is returned.

For more advice on what to do when moving into a new property, check out this guide here.

Don’t forget that SOSU’S Housing Week brings you the Housing Fair in the Spark today! Pop along between 10-4pm!

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch on or @SolentWelfare! The University’s private housing advisor is also available to help, email her on

By Hanna Head

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