Moving into halls seems so simple in comparison to finding private rented housing; plus you’re given a huge deal of support by the university before you move to Southampton and are guaranteed halls of residence if you want them!Looking for a property is tough, so is signing a contract but the next step is dealing with the fees you’ll need to pay. Depending on who you rent from, the fees will be different for every house. It also depends on your circumstances, you may or may not need a guarantor or if you’re an international student you may be required to pay more upfront than home students.

Differences aside, we’ll be looking at the most common payments you’ll need to consider when looking for a property today. It’s crucial you get a break down of everything you’ll be required to pay, alongside signing your contract so that you are as well informed as possible. It’s likely you’ll be required to pay at least one month’s rent upfront & a deposit, which could change depending on the rent and size of the property etc.  This PDF lays out some of the required fees quite well, with the most important statement being the following:

“Letting agents in England and Wales must tell you about their fees upfront on their

website and in their offices. It is against the law for them to mislead you about their fees,

and they must inform you of the total cost of the fees including VAT, as well as what the

fees cover.”

Most people don’t realise check out fees listed in their contract, and these are just as important as the fees you pay to move in so you can make sure you budget for those too!

SOSU’S Housing Week continues today, with a drop in at WMA for any cadets with private housing issues.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch on or @SolentWelfare! The University’s private housing advisor is also available to help, email her on

By Hanna Head 

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