SOSU’S Housing Week continues! In the real world, we’re hosting housing workshops 3-5pm/5-7pm in the CSI (2nd floor, Solent Students’ Union) today and here online, we’ll be looking at contracts.

Signing a contract is a huge deal. It’s a legal document, and you will struggle to get out of it! The issues I see most around contracts tend to stem from the fact that they haven’t actually been read before signing. So before you do anything else… READ BEFORE YOU SIGN! It’ll make sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for, and what to expect during your tenancy.

You can get this read over at University too (you are allowed to take it away and read over it – don’t feel forced to sign it there and then!) by emailing or popping along to our housing drop in on Friday!

NUS Ready to Rent raises these points for you to ask yourself if you’re happy with before signing a contract:

  • The property?
  • The landlord/agent?
  • The people you are moving in with?
  • The cost?
  • The terms of the agreement?

It’s also really important that you understand the fees you’ll be liable for on signing the contract, which we’ll discuss in more depth here tomorrow!

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch on or @SolentWelfare! The University’s private housing advisor is also available to help, email her on

By Hanna Head

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