The Final Problem is an exhilarating thrill ride, with all the ups, downs and loop-the-loops that were expected from this literally explosive finale.

Sherlock comes face to face with his forgotten sister and must unravel his memories while trying to keep John, Mycroft and himself alive.

The expression being on the edge of your seat is rather available here, because it was true. The twists and turns came out of every corner. Everything from Sherlock’s dog to the little girl plummeting to Earth in a plane at an awkwardly slow speed. The opening scenes seems played out like a flamboyant, in-your-face horror show. Despite its impressive nature, it felt a little pointless and probably jumping straight to 221B Baker Street getting blown up, again, would’ve been more efficient. This does more effectively set the tone for the rest of the episode, which is one hell of a roller coaster.

This ambitious finale really pulls out the big guns as Sherlock’s forgotten sister, Eurus Holmes puts her bond villain hat on. She sends the duo of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson through a maze of torturous actions and puzzles. Oh and Mycroft was there too. Alongside this we have actor Andrew Scott reprising his role as Morality, and does so with some swagger. In one of the best entrances in TV history, I’ll admit he had me thinking he was alive for a few seconds. Indeed we did miss him, as his presence never fails to bring a perfect combination of devil and jester.

As I said there are plenty of twists along the way, some excellent, some lacklustre. The girl in the falling aeroplane was interesting at the start but became somewhat of an irritation in the closing acts that had to be cleared up incredibly quickly. It made sense and worked okay during the maze, however the visual element to it at points mad it a little laughable, however this may have been deliberate to give the audience a hint on the outcome. However this didn’t falter the episode greatly and the other twists along the Sherlock tale were interesting and brought about some great parallels between the characters involved.

In honest truth, this felt like an ending. A wrap up, finished, done. The series could happily end here without any issues. But in recent interviews Moffat and Gattis have been saying how this more like the beginning of the dynamic duo, these past 4 seasons are simply back story and now even more crimes can be solved. They’d love to make another series, but nothing is set in stone. Many would like a series 5, I would as well, but if the series did end here, I think I could be happy. Although if it was announced no more would be made, Sherlock fans would certainly never stop asking for more.

The Final Problem: 9/10

By Robert Anderson


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