SOSU’S Housing Week is here!

Student housing is one of the biggest issues I hear about, and so much of it stems from you guys not knowing your rights! I thought I’d touch on some of the main issues I hear about throughout the week and let you know how to avoid them!

We’ll start from the beginning – finding a property to rent. If you’re living away from home there’s a chance you’ll be uncertain as to how to start looking for a property to live in.

We work with SASSH who release their accredited list on 1st Feb, and the website is a good place to start looking. Southampton has an abundance of student housing so there really is no need to rush into this, but don’t feel too bad if you’ve already got somewhere sorted too. SUSU Lettings are also another student focused letting agency that are really there for students, who we’re lucky enough to work with!

The Housing Fair we’re co-hosting with SASSH on Thursday will be a great chance to see landlords and estate agents that we feel are capable of providing our students with a positive environment, and who will be able to help you with finding a property.


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch on or @SolentWelfare! The University’s private housing advisor is also available to help, email her on

By Hanna Head

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