1. Live with your friends…
Make sure you know the people you will be living with and hopefully that you like them. It’s hard as you might be a fresher and have only been at university for a few months, but I’m sure you’ve got someone as we are all in the same boat. There is always halls or private accommodation if you don’t want to live in a house.

2. Ensure you SAVE SAVE SAVE…
If you’re a student then it’s likely you will have a loan and might be struggling for money when it comes to Christmas time and paying for a deposit. This is difficult but there are usually ways to find money as a student. Don’t forget that if you are renting a house for a year then it is likely you will have to pay rent all 12 months. Meaning over the summer when you have no loan left it would be a really good idea to work as much as you can. Whilst also attempting to save for next term at uni!

3. Choose the property wisely…
Spend time looking for a house that you will enjoy living in and make sure all your house mates have viewed it too or at least have photos. A few important things might be the room sizes, how clean the house is, does everything work well, you want a kitchen that is big enough for the amount of people living there. If you want a social space, you might want somewhere with a living room. If there is more than 2-3 of you, make sure you have at least two bathrooms – getting ready in the morning can be a rush as it is so make sure you can all do so at the same time if needed.

4. Try not to stress …
I know it’s really difficult to not worry about things, especially concerning renting a house. Whether it be the decision you’ve made, the people, the money or time it takes. But try to think about it and consider what you really want because that’s what matters. If you can, going home for a weekend when you’re free might help you relax. Just being around your family and people who aren’t students for a while can often remind you of what’s important.

5. Be happy…
Last but not least, remember to enjoy your time at uni, wherever you live next year! Have fun living with your friends, whilst having individual room space to make your own. You’ll gain life experience by learning the highs and lows of living on your own away from your family. Including the joys of paying rent, bills and wifi of course!

By Paige Hales

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