As a time-traveler from the 1950’s, I can safely say that not much has changed in 2017. The modern hipster is keeping fashion trends good and proper. The Doomsday clock is moments from midnight. Oh, and the film industry is currently being dominated by a good old fashioned Hollywood musical called La La Land.

In it, I hear a couple of popular 21st century actors are taking the leads. A charming young actress named Emma Stone takes the roll of Mia who is… well… a charming young actress based in Los Angeles.  Alongside her is some little-known Hollywood heartthrob named Ryan Gosling, playing an aspiring Jazz musician named Sebastian, with a definite emphasis on Jazz music. Now, I only arrived in 2017 a week ago, yet I can already tell this film is popular. Currently in the middle of award season, La La Land appears to be soaking up prizes left and right. A record Breaking 7 Golden Globes covering every aspect of film from Best Original Score to Best Motion Picture, and now off to the Oscars with a whopping total of 14 nominations.

People of the 50’s, such as myself will be relieved to see the Musical genre back in such a big way. The film feels as much like a homage to those films in terms of style and quality, while also managing to stand its ground as a 21st century technical achievement. You’ll be amazed by director Damien Chazelle’s use of lighting and sound to make every scene stand out. Much of the film is done with long lasting shots in which entire scenes, some complex and detailed are played out in a single take. Made even more impressive by the quality of the dancing and live singing and music performed by Stone and particularly the hidden devil that is Gosling.

It will be a shame when I have to return to the 50’s, and leave this film behind. Along with being a hilariously fun and enjoyable experience, the film will also impress those looking for something a little more engaging and emotional than just a song and dance.

La La land is playing from Monday to Thursday at Sonar Film from 7pm (doors open at 6:30pm) for just £4/£4.50. Take a look at for all the details.

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