On 14th January, the well-known Vintage Kilo Sale came to Southampton’s Engine Rooms. The queue was longer than I have seen in a long time, so even though we all planned to leave early, I guess some people had a better idea!

As soon as we got in, the room was packed full of people scavenging for whatever they could find on all of the many rails that filled the venue, with the smiling faces of all the workers there who were happy to assist.

So, me and Sophie went around and picked out some shirts, there were way too many to pick from – from garish to stylish, most people could find something they would’ve loved there. And the best part? It was £15 per kilo of clothing!

Due to how manic it was in there, me and my friends tried to rush in and rush out, as after 10 minutes of the place being open – rails were already empty and people were already paying with a huge amount of bags under their arms. Although packed and stressful, it was a really great experience and for the price, you just can’t complain. There were large buckets full of different types of clothing scattered around as well, from denim jeans to velvet dresses.

I managed to find a few great items for such a cheap price. At first I was worried I’d go over what I planned on spending, but the sale had weighing stations located at the back so you could always keep track on what you wanted to spend and what you were buying.

Overall, it was a great experience and luckily, it’s coming back to Southampton on April 2nd!

By Jessica Dodd

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