This afternoon, the Students’ Union held a puppy room! In aid of the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Charity, it gave students the chance to meet some adorable dogs and hear more from their owners about how the dogs help them.

Founded in 1982, the charity trains dogs to alert deaf people to important sounds and danger signals. This gives independence, confidence and companionship to their handlers; a truly priceless gift in this ableist world we live in. Students came in their droves, queuing throughout the SU building and waited in excited antici………..pation.

As the event was in aid of charity, students were asked for a small donation; a small token really for the opportunity to meet some waggy tailed loving fluffy puppers! VP of Welfare, Hanna Head, was also there. “The puppy room is a great opportunity for students who may not get regular animal companionship to spend some time with them. After exams and assessments we want to host events that allow our student to relax and refocus as they head into the second term of the year.

As we work with a hearing dogs charity, it helps the dogs as well as the students and is always a really fun event!’ The welfare of the animals was important to all, so they were given rest breaks whenever they wanted them.

With a bowl of water and a quiet open space, the dogs were welcome to take a breather. Don’t worry, the handlers were considered too, being plied with hot drinks!). It was an incredibly successful day, we do hope they come back soon!

By Naomi Fry

Photo: Hanna Head

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