Right in the peak of his Hollywood career, Michael Fassbender produces and stars in his own adaptation of Assassin’s Creed, based off the critically acclaimed game of the same name.

Fassbender himself plays Cal Lynch, a man with a mysterious family history, who taken up by Sofia (Marion Cotillard) goes on a mission back in time to his own family’s past. The film takes place between these two locations; Cal Lynch’s present day life in a research facility, and his ancestor Aguilar’s life back in 1492, at the height of the Spanish inquisition.

The pacing and action of the story builds up gradually during the film. Most of the story telling, particularly through Fassbender’s character, is done through a strong use of silence and tension buildup. Through this, all the characters are given a great amount of mystery. This can be seen in the characters of Rikkin (Jeremy Irons) and Moussa (Michael Kennith Williams). This doesn’t in any way make the film feel boring. The director, Justin Kurzel produces constant and heavy visuals to create stunning looks and feel for the picture. The set pieces themselves are to be marveled over. Each one is highly detailed and expansive, particularly in the scenes set in 1492. These sets are put to good use during the fights – of which the film is rich in. The fighting, while fast paced and exciting, never separates away from the detail. I found it more reminiscent of old Jackie Chan and martial-arts films for its use of action in set pieces. Even the Assassin’s Creed games themselves get given many callbacks at moments in the film. Fassbender and Kurzel make good use of the gameplay feel and keep you close to the action but won’t lose you in the effects.

The film works well as a cheap action flick, with an emphasis on quality action and excitement. Veterans of the games will feel at home watching it, and newcomers to the series will be quickly introduced and be left wanting more.

You can catch Assassin’s Creed for just £4 on display of a student, staff or alumni card at Sonar Film. Monday to Thursday at 7pm (doors open at 6:30) in LT1.
Visit http://www.sonarfilm.co.uk for more information.

By Simon Keene

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