Southampton has become the home of the first ‘The Diner’ to open outside of London.

Launching within the brand new WestQuay South complex – which recently celebrated its grand opening – The Diner brings the fun of American food to Southampton, expanding outside of London for the first time.

The American themed restaurant opened its doors on Wednesday, and is currently holding a special event to say hello. “Inspired by the all-day breakfast, unlimited coffee refills, shakes galore and kick ass eclectic menus in the good old U.S.A., our baby The Diner was born in Londontown.

After years of honing our craft and perfecting our menu from smothered French toast through to the best burgers to hit this side of the pond, we’ve built a fan-base who stick with us from the night out to the next day hangover. And now? We’re bringing that energy and spirit to the great south – Southampton.

“Throwing our doors open wide on Wednesday 18th January in the heart of the city at the new WestQuay Watermark scheme and with 50% off our menu for the first month of opening (oh hellooo) – get ready for us to introduce your mind, stomach and let’s face it, your soul to The Diner.”

The Diner is unlike anything we have currently in Southampton, inspired by the 1990s with throwback decor and shake stations, where visitors will be able to create custom shakes.

“Craving that good down and dirty grub and tucking in at a table? You’ll be welcomed with the choice of plush luxe pink booths or classic Brooklyn, NY style seats. The open kitchen also gives you those ‘order up’ vibes of our much-loved American joints. You’ll be ready for a hot all-American coffee paired with a stack of pancakes in no time.”

You can visit The Diner at Westquay South, now!

By Jarrod Jones

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