Bargate Shopping Centre will soon become a thing of the past, as plans to revamp the area have finally been approved.

Plans, which keep the medieval walls that surround the city in the centre of the project, will see the area totally redeveloped after being given the go-ahead by city councillors.

The area will become the home of over 150 flats, as well as additional student accomodation. There will also be an increase in shops in the area. The old Bargate shopping centre will be demolished making way for the new development.

Takling to the BBC about the project, Tellon Capital partner James Burchall said: “We are looking at how we can manage the respectfulness of the walls as well as creating a viable scheme with a mixture of residential, student, retail and cafes and restaurants and bars.

Developer Tellon Capital said the scheme would “enhance the city and bring the walls back to life”. The plans will include an open boulevard, making use of the historic walls which are currently hidden.

“We have had to look at how you create a scheme which balances a sense of obligation to the city, which will benefit the city and bring the walls back into the public as well as opening up a part of the city which has been hidden for a long time.

“Part of the identity of Southampton relates to the Bargate and we have a responsibility to get that balance right.

“The reason the Bargate centre wasn’t successful is that it was a closed end scheme – there was no draw and the policy of linking to Debenhams is key. It has helped us understand how to create a scheme that works.

“We want to create a legacy that we and the city are proud of, that is sustainable financially and from a cultural perspective in relation to the wall is attractive and appeals to people so that they want to spend time here. We will be working on creating presence and a sense of belonging, not just in retail. We want to create an atmosphere where people will want to come.”

Work could potentially begin in the Autumn and will take two years to complete.

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