With the promise of lots of fun, colour and entertainment to lighten up the weary first weeks of 2017, Celebrity Big Brother’s big return has disappointed many.

After revealing one of the most colourful logos in the history of the show, a pop art designed House and the news of “New Star” Celebrity Housemates meeting All Star ex-Housemates, the series seemingly had a lot of promise and excitement surrounding it as the launch popped onto our screens. However, two days in, have we been built up too much?

Emma Willis hosted the live launch of Celebrity Big Brother’s nineteenth series on Tuesday 3rd January and marched down the catwalk, introducing us to our cast for 2017. Representing the all stars this year are Austin Armacost, Calum Best, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, James Jordan, Coleen Nolan, Jasmine Waltz and Nicola McLean. The returning stars are a strange bunch, not providing the most iconic Celebrity Big Brother moments ever, there could have been better returnees.

Bringing a fresh breath into the programme are this year’s new stars, Angie Best, Bianca Gascoigne, Brandon Block, James Cosmo, Jamie O’Hara, Ray J and Stacy Francis. After watching the show for the last three days my impressions of the Housemates aren’t great and I can’t find myself warming to any of them. My memory lingers back to the all star Housemates’ first time in the House and I’ve found myself clinging onto my first impressions of them from their original series.

If you did want my first impressions – boring. I haven’t really found anything interesting about our housemates this year to keep my interest! This is a major issue when wanting to keep interest.

The attempt to create an interesting launch night twist failed, with the all star Housemates being made the “producers of the show”, editing out new stars who they find boring. This is a very poor attempt to create some form of fake drama, drama which isn’t needed. Big Brother has stepped away from what originally made it unique and gripping and now relies on manipulation to grasp viewers attention.

With less live coverage than ever before, keeping up with the Housemates has become almost impossible. From the years where you were able to watch the people inside the most famous abode in Britain 24/7, to seeing just 45 minutes of edited footage in a day is a big step back. The show is starting to become a parody of itself and not in a good way. The first two highlight shows of the series have proved to be mediocre viewing at best.

The events in the House have focused too much on the task, the edited Housemates manipulation and outside events with Ray J and Kim Kardashian, rather than the relationships and events happening inside of the house. Celebrity Big Brother has a lot of work to do in order to create a series worth while and memorable. With two new Housemates set to enter on Friday evening, what will the next three weeks hold for the series?

By Jarrod Jones

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