Together Or Not At All: So it’s come to this. What a wild ride it’s been. We’ve seen everything from freaky alien sex to magical confession rocks. There’s been many ups and downs along the way. But how does Class finish the series? Stronger than expected. 

The official gang falling out is in full swing, with the cubs still licking their wounds after a magical alien rock got their deepest darkest secrets out in full view. Recent episodes have up the seriousness, and used a more consistent tone. The finale certainly did not move away from this, considering it dramatically kills off half the class-mates family in quick succession. Corakinus, the king of the Shadow-Kin is back, and this time he’s not gonna get beaten by intense frowning. This time he get better writing and proceeds to murder, murder and murder some more. Despite my light tone, the opening scenes were quite shocking and perfectly set the audience up for an action-packed and emotionally end to the series.

With so much happening in the finale, a single episode to finish it all can make some viewers nervous, I wouldn’t have been surprised if many plot-lines were ignored by the show. But really the episode succeeds in many ways. Despite just being a single episode to finish the series, it tightly wraps up a lot of plot threads. However in my opinion the ending was frustrating due to it being a cliff hanger. Yes keep the audience wanting more but Ness shouldn’t feel so entitled to immediately think the series will get to continue. They could have ended the series without baiting the audience to watch again, it feels a little cheap. These kind of endings are very debatable and can work, but are not my cup of tea.

It’s clear to see the actors have really grown into their roles over the recording time of the series. Despite some previous criticisms, the cast is truly a tight-knit powerhouse of emotional delivery and superb acting. In addition this is definitely the Shadow-Kin’s strongest episode to date, for once they actual felt like a legitimate threat. And because of this we finally get to see Charlie release his Spirit Bomb and use the Cabinet of Souls to save the day in the end. Despite some grievances with the ending, the episode certainly never lets up, and in many ways I’m very happy everything isn’t just happy fun times we saved the day in the end, the horrors that occurred are traumatising for the characters and it just wouldn’t feel right, and we as the audience get to effectively see the impact throughout.

Class found itself in a troubled state during its opening few episodes. However after this I will openly defend it and hope it continues to be made. The final episodes were superbly strong and somewhat made up for not getting any Doctor Who in 2016 (excluding Christmas day). Well done Class, you weren’t complete garbage after all. In fact, you were pretty damn good in the end.

Together Or Not At All: 8/10

By Robert Anderson

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