Knocked Loose: This band bring a fascinating blend of four different core genres built around sounds from the DC Hardcore scene accompanied by deathcore like beatdowns; as well as displaying punk influences from the 80s that were reminiscent of bands like Black Flag and The Descendents . Knocked Loose got the crowd warmed up by playing songs which featured on their album “Laugh Tracks”. From the beginning, the band made the stage their own, demanding movement from the audience which they got in exchange for 25 minutes of exciting modern hardcore music. 6/10

Landscapes: Up next was Somerset melodic hardcore-outfit, Landscapes. Some would argue that Landscapes were very out of place on this bill. Definitely bringing down the tone by playing music within the realms of the softcore genres. However, Landscapes were still an intriguing watch. Vocalist Shaun Milton, delivers every word with raw emotion ano has an ability to engage with the audience and having them hold on to every last lyric. The band accompanied the lyrics with slow melodic undertones to then thrashing out fast power chord riffs to send the emotional rollercoaster into overdrive and onto the next level. 5/10

Expire: Main support came from Expire who played Southampton’s talking heads for the first and last time. Playing their final shows as a band in support of their album “With Regret”. Expire made their set a celebration of their 7 year career playing 13 tracks of material scattered across their whole discography. Overall this was a very good introduction for those who were seeing this band for the first time and the perfect send off for a hardcore band that are looking to finish their career on a high. 7/10

Counterparts: The headlining act of the evening, Counterparts back playing Southampton’s Talking Heads again. Once the band took to the stage, they came straight out of the gates with ‘Compass’. As the band got into their set, they began to look like a big band on what felt like a small stage; which was brilliant to see. While material from their latest album “Tragedy Will Find Us” did feature in the set, the band opted to start with older material like ‘(You Think You’re) John Fucking Locke’ which is a very old cut from their split EP.

Overall Counterparts delivered a brilliant showcase of the material they have released to date. Once the band fully hit their stride they didn’t look like stopping. Even when the band brought the tone town slightly for the final track, you still got the sense that the band had given it everything they had and left it all on stage. No one in that packed, small, sweaty room left feeling disappointed. Now it will be interesting to see where the band goes from here. While it’s brilliant that a band of this caliber can come and dominate the stage in a small venue such as this one, you also get the sense that they can go on and play bigger stages to bigger crowds in the future. 8/10

Counterparts’ Setlist:
1. Compass
2. Wither
3. Outlier
4. Stranger
5. Witness
6. The Constant
7. (You Think You’re) John Fucking Locke
8. Choke
9. Collapse
10. The Disconnect
11. Burn
12. Reflection

By Kyle Wood

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