Wait… what? Class, are you feeling okay? Because you just produced two episodes in a row that weren’t riddled with problems.
‘The Metaphysical Engine’ … or ‘What Quill Did’ is… well what Quill did while the classmates had fabulous arguments and got scared in a room with a talking rock. Again, I make it sound ridiculous but Episode 6: Detained was by far best of the series. So with this follow-up having the same director, my hopes were very much hitting the ceiling and squealing profusely.

I’ll tell you what old buddy old pal! These Class episodes are getting rather good. They’ve really pulled it out of the bag after the dodgy beginnings to the internet series. The penultimate episode to the series packs in more action that the rest of the episodes combined. The concurrent-episodes structure worked marvellously. Despite knowing from the start that Quill would eventually get shot of the ‘Arn’, the tension was still present throughout and it simply made you lean in with profound interest in her quest to be free.

Quill goes here there and everywhere in a ‘spacey-wacey-timey-wimey’ metaphysical world and even gets laid. Fancy that, it’s just like watching Doctor Who. In fact this felt like the most Doctor Who style episode of the year when compared to the rest of the series. Quill really puts her Dante Alighieri hat on and goes from to heaven, hell and all sorts in between. It starts out like a fun adventure with dark undertones that rapidly pivots in-between excellent exploration of character beliefs and the idea of liberty. Class successfully fires a whole series worth of character development in a snappy forty-five minute episode. Top draw I’d say.

Somehow Class’ biggest flaw became its biggest positive. Patrick Ness threw a whole kitchen sink of ideas at the audience and yet it all worked perfectly. The execution had the same vibes as ‘Detained’ and the cinematography was again sublime. Moreover In the latest in a line of the show’s great guest performances both Headmistress Dorothea and Chike Okonkwo as tragic soldier Ballon too were fantastic. Oh and that gory surgery scene! To die for.

Truly the direction of the show has learnt over its filming process, because everything is now so much smoother and well balanced in comparison to the earlier episodes. As the regulars continue to be given centre stage, it was a refreshing to see Quill in the spotlight. The change felt like a nice rest before the explosive finale.

The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did – Final Score: 9/10

By Robert Anderson

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