Undoubtedly the best episode of Class so far. I think I almost cried with how good ‘Detained’ is. And I’m struggling to find the words to express how relieved and excited I am that Class is truly hitting a high point with all signs pointing to awesomeness.

I want to say thank you to the director: Wayne Che Yip, I love you. This was a masterpiece in cinematography. Every scene hit hard and fast, connecting flawlessly. Alongside that we have Patrick Ness’ best writing ever with some even more superb acting performances. Oh yes, this episode was good. I was jumping around my television screen like an ecstatic child. My levels of intrigue and investment even hit the same heights as the Doctor Who 2005 revival. This is it Ness, make more episodes like this!

But here’s the real cherry on top of that succulent chocolate cake of Episode 6. The tone. They finally got the tone absolutely perfect. The claustrophobia and character tension made every second feel so real. But it’s not just doom and gloom, there’s a wide variety of effective comedic relief as well. Which I have to say is the first time the comedy aspect to Class has actually worked flawlessly in my opinion. This combination of emotional highs and lows is perfectly personified in Fady Elsayed’s performance of Ram, who was by far my favourite character of the episode.

But this shouldn’t take away from the other actors and actresses, everyone was immense. Charlie’s claustrophobia, for example, perfectly humanised him which was then quickly contrasted by Matteusz confessing his love, and the fear he feels towards his alien companion.

Everything about ‘Detained’ also feels very similar to ‘Midnight’ from the 10th Doctor’s era. Which is also a fantastic piece of television. I always put Midnight’s success down to the simplicity it uses. You never see a monster, or have to find a magical conclusion that’s pulled out of thin air. It’s complicated people, and aliens for that matter, using dialogue that attached onto our innate fears. Whether it’s the sublime, the unknown or the truth, we fear it. It all hits home in spectacular fashion.

This is the first time I can find no fault with Class. Not only is this the most fantastically perfect episode of the series, it’s up there as one of my favourite pieces of television in years. The only thing it lacked was a good ole’ polarity reversal.

‘Detained’ – 10/10

By Robert Anderson


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