Picture the scenes. Two parties are in an intense battle to save the Earth from another two hellish foes. One’s a demonic alien. The other’s a pink flower… Stop laughing: the flower was actually the better villain. 

At the start we get some exceptional cinematography which follows April and Ram battling through a hellish world “underneath” the universe. (Wherever that’s supposed to be?) The tone is aggressive, in your face and awesome. I love it. Put this alongside a plot that explores Charlie and Quill in a wonderfully acted battle of moral obligation and choice. Should Charlie use his spirit bomb to wipe out this deadly attack of killer flowers? Or seek revenge on the Shadow-Kin for the murder of his people and planet? Brilliant! I’m invested. Moreover, the killer petals, no matter how silly it actually sounds, are a genius creation. The simplicity remind me of the strange black cubes from the Doctor Who’s The Power of Three. 

And yet the show often abandoned this often so we can check in on a room of pointless characters. “What is happening? I need exposition!” It gets tiresome very quickly. Tanya and the Brady Bunch parents were just annoying, cringe worthy and dull.

Again Class suffers from wanting to keep everything far too light-hearted, all the while pink flower petals majestically murder members of the public and April wages war on an alien empire. I’m not saying we can’t have some humour, it’s just about choosing your moments. This is especially apparent with April and Ram’s constant need to stop and inject some touching character development. Which is cool and all, but doing it mid-sword-fight quickly reached laughable parody.

This is where the show can confuse me. Because I can easily point to a relationship that effectively combines emotion, tension and comedy. And I’m continuing to adore the dynamic between Charlie and his “slave” Quill. Charlie is a leader and yet a fish out of water, and Quill is a sarcastic warrior rebel. They make me want to watch the show. Tanya on the other hand makes me want to punch the screen. Although it can be said most of the issues in pacing and tone are somewhat situated nearer the first half of the episode. The second half was actually far smoother and so much more enjoyable.

After April uses intense frowning to win her battle against the leader of the Shadow-Kin, the episode does wrap up very effectively, and to far better effect than in previous weeks. Petal threat and April’s fabulous demon powers and quickly dispatched by the Shadow-Kin, who also find themselves hiding back away. Charlie is saved by the bell, and Matteusz (his boyfriend) proved he actually can be relevant in this TV show.

The tidy conclusions and somewhat effective story telling do well to save a “Brave-ish Heart” from complete disaster. And despite not impressing as much as the previous episode, Class still continues to improve over a variety of areas. It’s neat and tense in the end, with the just a hint of cringe worthy dialogue. I can’t wait to watch even more.

“Brave-ish Heart” – 7.5/10



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