On Thursday, Sonar Magazine were invited to attend a special event at Turtle Bay – a cocktail masterclass!

Jessie, Izzy and I attended the class which lasted around two hours! Firstly we were greeted and shown to a specially laid out table with other event goers. We were excited to get started and there was a relaxed and chilled out atmosphere surrounding us – as well as the beautiful smells of the kitchen!

After we all sat down, we were given a selection of different drinks and fries as we waited to get going! We first met our guide for the evening who told us that we would firstly be learning a bit more about rum before going on to making our own cocktails.

There were five different types of rum sitting on the table in front of us. We were all ready to get to know these different types very well!

Just a few types of rum we had included Koko Kanu, that tasted of coconuts, Santa Teresa which was orange flavoured and finally the big boy – a rum that was 63% proof! Yes, we had to try each one individually.

After a session of tasting the rum it was time to get down to the cocktail making! Firstly, Jessie took to the floor to create a Banana Mahma! This was a banana flavoured cocktail which was described as Turtle Bay’s take on Sex on the Beach.

Secondly, Izzy took to the bar and this time created a Reggae Rum Punch before I finally took it upon myself to create a Mai Tai!

We all enjoyed the cocktail making, but it was soon time to sit back down and sample a small selection of food! We were served jerk chicken wings, sweetcorn fritters and a very sweet pastry.

We had a fantastic evening at Turtle Bay and it’s highly recommended to everyone! They also have 241 cocktails up until 7pm and then again between 10pm and 1:30am! You can find them in Guildhall Square opposite the SJM Building.

By Jarrod Jones

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