I’ve been consistently critical of Class, and it’s purely because I do like it! I really want for it to eventually succeed. But for the moment it has struggled to impress to a high enough extent. Although maybe things are about to change…

Episode 4: ‘Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart’

While sitting down to watch ‘Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart’ my head was a mix of excitement and anxiety. Last week’s ‘Nightvisiting’ had some interesting elements and good dialogue. But I was still desperate for the show to really bring out its big guns. Its fantastical Doctor Who big guns. It was almost a passive taunt from my brain. Go on then Class, impress me. And impress me it did.

April is the most interesting character in the internet series. She has a wild combination of smarts, beauty and emotional vulnerability. Not to mention she shares a heart with a demonic alien king. And we finally get an episode to focus on her.

Sophie Hopkins’ acting in this episode was incredible. This is especially apparent when she has to perform as two personas during an intense scene that debates the horrors of war. Ultimately the Shadowkin side of her takes control and calls the soldiers of each world war “Cowards.” A very bold choice of dialogue considering that this aired very near to Remembrance Day. In all honesty that fact made the scene even more powerful and shocking. On top of this, we see the return of April’s father. A man who once tried to kill her and her mother.  It’s tough to watch, April’s heart is constantly taking a beating throughout the episode – metaphorically and physically. Her fellow protagonists come out alongside her at points to remind you that they do exist. But really the other members of the gang do feel a little irrelevant this episode. However this can’t be helped considering how much focus is given to April, which I am most definitely happy about.

I can’t put across enough praise of the episode. Obviously there were some negatives to it, but nothing’s perfect. For one, the Ram and April relationship does still feel a little rushed and doesn’t fit the characters. However the awkward sex chat with April’s mother was hilarious. But I will say that the Shadowkin sex scene was definitely not appreciated and made me both burst out  uncontrollably with laughter with a just a hint of “What the hell am I watching!” Which did ruin the overall tone somewhat going forward. Please don’t let any children watch this.

Overall ‘Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart’ is the first episode of Class to hold my undying attention. It’s dark, gritty and down to Earth while still maintaining those wonderful science fiction elements. For what it lacks in special effects, it makes up for in raw emotional dialogue. And suddenly at the end we can’t even tell if it really is the Shadowkin taking over April, or if she truly hold this much hate for her Father. It’s hard to deny that April carries this episode but at its heart this is why the episode succeeds in so many ways. 

I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen this week, despite some awkward romances and awful Mass Effect alien sex. It was truly thrilling and bombastic television and I can’t wait for next week’s follow-up episode.

‘Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart’ final rating:


By Robert Anderson


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