3 reasons to get excited for Wonder Woman (2017)

The new Wonder Woman trailer recently dropped in spectacular fashion and has successfully renewed the intoxicating hype I have for the upcoming movie. The trailer is action packed, awe-inspiring and even emotional at times. And whenever that glorious Hans Zimmer Theme is played, (you know the one) it makes me want to fist pump and dance around like an excited school child. So in celebration of the new trailer, here’s five reasons why you should be excited for the new Wonder Woman movie, besides the brilliantly bombastic theme song.

Number 1: The Female Superhero

The modern age of comic book films is lacking in the female department. So not only is this the first solo female DC action movie, it’s a unique and spectacular gem in our superhero dominated cinema. Obviously this puts some rather high pressure on the movie to impress. You can add it to the pile. DC’s movie universe is now running on fumes with critics seemingly hating both Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman. Unfortunately it is often we can see film portray a respectable woman by giving her male like traits. However Gadot is adamant she wants to do the opposite. She wants her to be real, emotional. Still tough and independent. No matter how super she is, she’s still a person trying to cope with the same emotions we all do. She explained this in a Glamour Magazine interview at the beginning of the year. Fingers crossed the strong female presence of Gal Gadot will keep this movie as bad-ass as it currently looks.

Number 2: World War 1

Wonder Woman looks like it will be setting the majority of the film during World War One. A historical period that is generally used far less than WWII. In a time where woman held little to no rights, the strong presence of Wonder Woman will be refreshingly bold, and highlighted even more by the time period. Moreover some issues still even exist in our modern society, so an exploration of these themes could prove thought-provoking, interesting and even comical, as the trailer has shown.

In addition, despite some initial concerns, the casting of Gal Gadot as the iconic hero is a truly wonderful choice. Her portrayal seems to successfully show the fierceness of Wonder Woman alongside her heavy fascination and sense of uncertainty about the “modern world.” Now we are to be introduced to her before her cynical rejection of our world. We see her planted in WWI, confronted by the inhumanity of dark warfare. If executed correctly, watching her emotions flutter while she tries to make sense of our senselessness killing will be truly captivating, and most definitely inspiring.

Number 3: The visuals look absolutely stunning

Have you seen it? My jaw almost hit the flaw while watching this trailer. The vibrant colours, the intense action, the stunning presence of Gal Gadot. Contrasting the dark browns of the trenches, with the beautiful blues, reds and golds of WW’s costume is sublime. Words escape me to express how exceedingly happy I am about this. Especially with how boring and desaturated ‘BvS’ was at times. However this Wonder Woman trailer has created an abundance of enthusiasm for the future of DC movies.

As you can tell I’m very excited about the 2017 Wonder Woman movie. Are you?

By Robert Anderson

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