VIP’s and media outlets gathered together yesterday at the first Taco Bell restaurant to open in the south of England. 

To welcome the American fast food giant to Southampton, a party was organised for members of media companies and staff of Taco Bell to sample food and enjoy a fun filled evening.

Naomi and I went along to see what the fuss was all about, and whether Taco Bell would live up to its hype. Our first impression? Fantastic. We were welcomed and given our first complimentary dish  – Nachos topped with sour cream, salsa, nacho cheese and guacamole.


We were also offered drinks, ranging from non-alcoholic such as Pepsi and Tango through to alcoholic slush drinks containing either Vodka or Tequila! Naomi was fond of the Tequila slush.

While we mingled with other party attenders, Nick Dawson, the general manager of Taco Bell UK took a moment to introduce himself and thank us all for attending. “Thank you all for braving the elements and coming together to celebrate the imminent opening of this Taco Bell here in Southampton.


This is the first restaurant to open south of London, and that’s why we’re very excited to be here today”

Nick also spoke to us quickly following his speech, commenting on the opening of the new branch. “We’re really excited to be in Southampton, we know that there are a lot of students and a lot of people who enjoy going out and eating here. We’re looking forward to welcoming them to the restaurant. Hopefully they enjoy what we have to offer and who knows, maybe we will open more than one Taco Bell here! There’s space for more than one in Southampton”.

We continued to sample food including loaded fries, crunchy beef tacos, soft tortilla wraps with Mexican chicken and others. Kerri Bradford, the shift leader at Taco Bell Southampton spoke to us about the opening.


“I’m very excited that we’re going to be opening soon, it’s going to be nice and busy, nice and happy and very relaxed. We’re open to every customer! We want families, students, friends.. everyone!”

The samples and delightful dishes continued to flow throughout the restaurant, being able to request whatever dish we’d like to try next. Everyone was very eager to sample the desert menu which included a special Kit-Kat quesadilla and churos with a rich chocolate sauce, a favourite of Naomi’s also!

We managed to grab a moment with Sam Hoston, who had got a job photographing for Taco Bell after attending the opening of a store locally to him. “Coming from the north it’s very different, everyone is really friendly. Tonight has been great and I’m really liking the restaurant.


“Taco Bell is one of my favourite places to eat, it’s cost effective, and good quality! You come in and it’s a excellent quality every time”

Taco Bell also offer a lot for students including a cravers menu which has tacos and other food items from 99p. There is also a student discount of 15% on the presentation of a student card!


As the night came to a close, we said goodbye to the hosts and made our way out, being given a bag of goodies as we left!

Taco Bell’s grand opening is on Wednesday 23rd November at 11am! The first 100 customers will receive a free t-shirt. You can find Taco Bell near the Hanover Buildings (near Forbidden Planet).

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