Yesterday, Sonar Film took over the Student Union bar for two hours to promote the brand new film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – a new Wizarding World story from the genius that is J.K Rowling.

Starting at 4pm, three members of Sonar Film and myself took to the box office desk to sell tickets to a waiting line of people eager to see the latest instalment of magic and mayhem.

With the event in full swing it was time to sample the cocktails the bar were serving. Based on items from Harry Potter, students and film watchers could enjoy a Basilisk, A Phoenix or a Hippogriff for £3.30 each.

Sonar Film held a raffle also, for everyone who bought one of the themed cocktails. The prize was two free tickets to see a film of their choosing. Following the raffle we spoke to Naomi Fry, president of Sonar Film, and asked what she thought of the event.


“We’re having a really fun time at the event today, we’ve got the premiere screening of Fantastic Beasts for just £4 and we’ll be showing it for two weeks!”

The SU officers were also there to support the event, dressed in Hogwarts robes! Megan Maddex, president of Solent’s Student Union, said “Tonight’s event has been really fun and really successful. It’s been really nice to see everyone coming in and getting together through their love for Harry Potter and everything Fantastic and beasty”.

Following the event, it was time for the premiere screening at the ATMOS cinema. Students and non-students piled into the screen eagerly awaiting the start of the what promised to be an interesting look into the wizarding world.


Fantastic Beasts follows young Newt Scamander on his journey to New York carrying a mysterious brown suitcase which contains many fantastic and mysterious beasts. Portrayed by Eddie Redmayne, Newt is a character you cannot help but love and enjoy watching. Supported by Katherine Waterson as Tina, the duo get caught up in a troubling case and are forced to join together.

As for returning to the magical world of Harry Potter, there are many small nods to the parent series, but you’ll have to watch the film to find out what they are.  It was interesting to take a visit to the other side of the pond to see how magic takes effect in another country.

Is Fantastic Beasts worth a watch? Absolutely. Sonar Film are showing the film for the next two weeks for just £4 a ticket, or £4.50 for non students. All times and details are on the website.

By Jarrod Jones

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