Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher has become a new favourite action hero of mine. Part of me feels as though this is a very wrong feeling, but I can safely say this film series is one of my guilty pleasures.

The second cinematic instalment of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series, Never Go Back, is a great improvement on the first film released in 2012. The simply called Jack Reacher felt a bit ridiculous; Tom Cruise – who stands at 5ft 7 – plays former military police major turned vigilante drifter Reacher, who is 6ft 5! With all the obvious upward shots of Cruise and the slightly comical fight scene in the rain didn’t fill me with much hope for the second film. Well… I was proven wrong.

In this film, Reacher makes his way to Washington DC to visit Susan Turner (Connie Smulders) – the new Major of his old unit – after working together on a few cases.  On his arrival, Reacher has to jump into action after hearing that Major Turner has been arrested on charges of espionage. Without giving too much away, Reacher and Turner must fight against the corruption which seeks to silence them both; all while being hunted by a military contracted assassin with a serious case of bloodlust.

The high octane final chase had me gripped; the brutal bone cracking fights and gun showdowns were similar to the previous film but given a darker twist by new director, Edward Zwick. I may not think Tom Cruise is the ideal Jack Reacher, but I can’t deny his depiction of the character is intriguing and highly enjoyable.

There may have been a few inconsistencies with the plot line and certain scenes but all in all I enjoyed this film. If you saw the first film and weren’t overly impressed, I urge you to see the sequel, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Our next review will be on J.K Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Screening courtesy of Sonar Film.


By Isabelle Truscott 


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