On Friday 4th November, fellow writer Kyle Wood and I went up to London and took a little trip to Wembley Arena. What did we go there for? Wrestling! We spent the few hours leading up to that crying over merchandise prices and exploring Wembley to find every students favourite pub – Wetherspoons. Of course, that was a success and we ate and drank and got a little bit ‘merry’ before seeing our favourite thing to watch together. We also bumped into two of our old friends from our halls in the first year and hung around with them. Word to the wise – if you are going to a concert at Wembley Arena, don’t buy your drinks straight away! I bought two bottles of Bulmers for nearly £11, later to bump into a lady in the foyer selling wristbands for 4 drinks for £12! Of course, that made me say hell yes and buy one because us students love a good deal, and I went along with my night!

There were some insane matches, and beforehand I nearly cried because I bumped into someone who was dressed up as my favourite wrestler, Chris Jericho. He even looked and sounded like the guy! If anybody knows Chris Jericho, they will understand why I was so happy for the impersonator to call me a stupid idiot and put me on ‘The List of Jericho’.

When the wrestling was over and we were all hyped up, what better to do than continue drinking at our Ibis hotel with our friends. We encouraged them to book a room and stayed up til 3am recapping the nights events over several more pints.

11am – Saturday 5th November.

No, no no no no no. Too hungover, wait, we have to leave the hotel?! WHY! Kyle and I trudged out of the hotel room, hungover and hungry. We went to the Caffe Nero in Wembley Park and attempted to sober up slightly. Then, as I had bought a travelcard for the day, we decided to get on a packed tube all the way to Oxford Street.

One thing about Oxford Street? The shops are amazing – the people who walk along Oxford Street? Not so much. It almost seemed like nobody knew how to walk properly! My first place to go was the Boots right by the tube station. I then discovered that they had a massive NYX counter, and for any make-up obsessed girl who lives in Southampton, this was a blessing. I remember when it first came out that NYX was coming to the UK and we all thought it’d be everywhere – obviously Southampton didn’t catch onto that.

We then explored the Disney Store, Forever 21 and so much more, before finding ourselves at another Wetherspoons – which was a horror. It was double the prices! God darn you London!

Overall? The experience was amazing, and personally I can not wait to do it all again next May!


By Jessie Dodd


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