In a recent piece made with the BBC’s Daily Politics show, Laura Perrins – co-editor of The Conservative Woman – stated that feminism has created a generation of women who moan and are generally unhappy thanks to what has been left to us from our predecessors. Watching this interview really got me thinking about the role of feminism today.

In my opinion, feminism has only strengthened me as a woman; not disadvantaged me.

It’s thanks to feminism that I am aware more of my worth as a human being, I am more aware of the social injustices posed against women and men.

If I had been made into this constantly moaning creature who can only think of the issues which surround me, then it would most likely be that I would have no friends. It is perfectly correct of me to complain when a stranger decides it’s acceptable to make an open comment about my body; it is perfectly acceptable for me to feel just as much anger when these comments are made against people I care about.

I must also raise my disgust at men and women who feel it is their right to comment on how other women dress – this is particularly prominent if the clothing is deemed to be ‘provocative’. This idea is commonly associated with sexual harassment, assault and rape. In 2016 it shocks me to know that some still have the view that someone was ‘asking for it’ based on their clothing.

When covered in the media, feminism is often seen as a negative influence in society. I have read the occasional article which states that women are mere man-haters with nothing better to do than constantly whine. It’s this outlook which means many still say the word with disgust.

In an ideal world, everyone would work together to ensure the equality of all the sexes but until that point a better understanding of this social movement is greatly needed.


By Isabelle Truscott


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