For Tonight We Might Die. The new online series Class feels like it’s stumbled at the first hurdle. It’s a fast firing first episode that tries to touch on far too many different themes while also introducing a whole card deck of characters.

Now fast firing episodes aren’t simply just bad. Doctor Who is quick, snappy and chaotic every episode consistently. But there’s a key word here, consistent. And that’s what the opener of Class lacked, consistency. The creators obviously have so many ideas that they’re simply struggling to fit everything in. Which in turn isn’t letting any of the promising concepts actually breathe and allow the audience take notice. Watching it felt like I was sprinting through an art gallery.

Moreover this approach tends cause awful clashes in tone across the episode. For example in one scene we witness the violent and bloody murder of Ram’s girlfriend. This leads to him producing a shrill scream while his leg is then chopped off. This is all well and good and even quite hard-hitting for a moment as well. However the impact of this falters when we keep awkwardly jumping back and forth between The Doctor and his entourage dropping one liners, and straight up horrifyingly bloody murder.

The show does impress when it finds time to focus on its cast. Even though we don’t get to spend much time with the main protagonists, it’s easy to see how captivating and entertaining they are. Despite how hilariously blasé they are about death and alien invasion, their wacky personalities are what’s going to keep me watching every week. And fortunately Class’ second episode doesn’t get as caught up in the pilot’s sniffles.

Class - casting announcement

The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo. Overall it plays out at a welcomed slower pace, intertwined with some intense action and fun team building activities.

In all seriousness, I actually quite enjoyed this episode. Of course this was whenever we weren’t watching Ram get kicked off the football team, for losing form over two training sessions. Which makes little to no sense. But alternately when the focus leaps away from Ram, the group of sixth-formers bounce dialog between each other very effectively. It’s clear to see that there’s some awesome chemistry between the actors and actresses. As well the writing this time over was far more direct and less convoluted, allowing the plot to unravel and ideas to be explored in far more depth.

So whenever Class is not trying to be too graphic or bounce mad ideas onto your head without explaining them, it finds a weird and wonderful middle ground. Although this does makes the show feel like it hasn’t got a true identity yet. But in retrospective, it largely redeems itself through its lovable set of protagonist misfits. It’s funny, fantastical and most definitely promising. So long as it sticks to its strong points, I’m sure the later part of the series will seem far more enticing.

For Tonight We Might Die. 5/10

The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo. 7/10

By Robert Anderson


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