Do you like art? Do you like to stroke your chin and misuse terms you heard on Antique’s Roadshow as you dawdle up and down quiet corridors in art galleries? Then this might be for you.

Granted, Lime Collective’s last ‘Illustration Showdown’ wasn’t quite a docile BBC Four ‘Masterclass,’ but it was a lot of fun. Situated in the criminally underrated Shooting Star Pub (they have a pet cat!), the showdown includes an array of artists with varying styles battling it out on a canvas-to-canvas-30-minute-doodle-off.

1743482_10153193791443610_4736229875814520463_nSure, there can be only one winner, but with all the funds going towards the end-of-year publication for Solent Illustration students, and many punters coming away with rather nifty bits of art, doesn’t everyone win?

The event is free entry (we are students after all,) and if it’s anything like last time it will feature some insane artwork, battle-rapping, and a LOT of booze.

Shooting Star Pub, 22nd, 7pm. See you there.

PHOTO: Eadie McCarthy

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