Remember the IT crowd? Wasn’t that a great show? There wasn’t really anything on British (or international) screens that seemed to understand internet humour in quite the same way. It was unique, funny and well written, and now it’s over forever.

But it looks like Graham Linehan, the writer and director of the series, as well as Father Ted is working on something new. The Cloud is a science fiction comedy series that already has produced a pilot episode in February, as Linehan was exited to mention on his Twitter, which is not currently available to view. The series is being written in partnership with Adam Buxton who you may know from Adam & Joe and The Persuasionists who was reported saying that the sci-fi show was “something I’ve always wanted to do”. Could this series be the next big comedy series for Channel 4?

The Cloud is a comedy sitcom set in the near future, based on a space station built to store internet data. Cloud Station 13 is one of several orbital platforms designed to safely house the world’s selfies, vines of failed backflips and pornography, watched over by the hapless cast which are constantly having trouble with the cheap and unreliable hardware that the station has been equipped with. The series sounds like a natural evolution of the IT Crowd, moving out of the grounded environment of an office space and into a Space Station where the characters are alone with nothing but the internet and each other to keep themselves sane.

Buxton himself will star in the series alongside comedian Aisling Bea (Trollied) and Jamie Demetriou (Cockroaches) in a 3 main character setup not unlike Linehan’s previous projects. Channel 4, who commissioned the series as a pilot will be deciding if they will be developing the idea into a full series later this year and is hotly anticipated by fans of Linehan and Buxton’s previous work, eager to see how the partnership works out.

The pilot has already sparked some interest via Twitter, although at this stage, there’s nothing that we can do but wait and see. From the limited information available it sounds like the show will come off as Red Dwarf meets IT Crowd with fresh-faced British comedy talent and an original setting. Whatever the show turns out to be, fans are waiting with baited breath for more news later this year.

Written by Laurence Russell

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