How much would it take to get you to vote for someone? A well-argued leaflet? A good policy? What about a thousand pounds? A hundred? A sausage roll?

People have been desperately asking how young people are going to vote in the election, but the debate has been thrown a curveball after Southampton Itchen UKIP candidate Kim Rose was asked to report to police under allegations of ‘treating.’

The candidate is the latest UKIP candidate to land himself in hot water, but this time, under seemingly innocent circumstances. Whilst holding a community event in February, where snooker star Jimmy White was invited to play with the local little ‘uns, Mr Rose said he “laid on teas, coffees, sandwiches and some sausage rolls.”

“Now I’ve been reported for allegations of treating.”

Treating, which was introduced in the 19th century, is the legal definition for candidates giving people food, drink or entertainment for political gain. It’s one of many measures to keep elections fare, and in more serious cases can have serious effects on a person’s campaign.

Mr Rose has assured people that locals “aren’t going to change their mind [over voting] for a sausage roll,” but the police are yet to comment – and looking at the queue at Greggs in Southampton City Centre, neither are we.

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