Throwback Thursday: top ten songs turning 10 years old


Some of the most memorable songs, certainly from my teenage years anyway, are going into double digits this year as they celebrate their tenth birthdays.

Stereophonics, Gorillaz, Mcfly, Arctic Monkeys and 2Pac all had number 1’s in 2005, and other classics such as Gwen Stefani’s ‘Hollaback Girl’ and Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since you’ve been gone’ are all now a decade old.

Feeling old yet? Dani Cox looks at some of the most memorable tracks from ten years ago:

Kanye West ft Jamie Foxx – Gold Digger

Kanye has been in the spotlight quite a lot in recent years, and not necessarily for his music. In fact after being announced as the headline act for Saturday this year at Glastonbury, a petition has racked up 60,000 signatures in just two days to prevent the rapper from performing at the festival at all.

But in 2005, good old Kanye killed with this track which has sold over 3 million copies in the US alone. Sure he’s disrespectful, big headed and interrupts other artists while they’re trying to accept awards but occasionally he does bring us decent music.

McFly – All About You

I’m not going to lie, I hated this song when it first came out. I was a hardcore Busted fan so…. But looking back, they weren’t really all that bad. I’ll take these guys over 1D any day, their video’s are much more amusing anyway.

Gorillaz – Feel Good

Now this is undoubtedly a classic as most Gorillaz songs were in my opinion. As the lead single from their second album Demon Days the track peaked at number 2 in the UK and won the band the Best Pop Collaboration award at the 2006 Grammy Awards. The second single from the album DARE reached number 1 in September of the same year.

Arctic Monkeys – I bet you look good on the dance floor

Probably the indie bands best known song, I bet you look good on the dance floor reached number 1 on the UK Singles Chart in October 2005 and was the first single from their debut album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not. It won the Best Track award at the NME awards in 2006 and was also ranked eleventh on NME’s ‘Best 150 Tracks of the Past 15 Years’.

Akon – Lonley

This R&B track from Akon’s debut album reached the number 1 spot in numerous countries including the UK where it stayed for two weeks, in Germany it was the number 1 track for an impressive 8 weeks. The memorable chorus is known by most people and if you’re ever playing with a helium filled balloon, chances are at some point you’re going to sing it.

Eminem – Like Toy Soldiers

Eminem’s third song from his fifth album, Like toy soldiers peaked at number 1 in the UK in February 2005. The song tells of the rapper’s attempts to calm a violent feud between the rapper community, particularly between fellow artists 50 Cent and Ja Rule. The song received a positive reaction and was highlighted for it’s maturity and meaningful lyrics.

Stereophonics – Dakota

Dakota was the first Stereophics song to reach number 1 in the UK and spent a total of 44 weeks in the UK singles chart. It symbolised the band returning to their original roots which was mainly indie, rock and alternative music.

2Pac ft Elton John – Ghetto Gospel

Written by Tupac Shakur and Elton John and produced by Eminem, this iconic track dominated the UK charts for three weeks and was written as a plea from Shakur to “end war on the streets”. The music video helped circulate rumours surrounding 2Pac’s death. The actor (J.D. Williams) is shot at the end of the video, but then reappears at his own funeral, something many fans took to imply the rapper faked his own death, which is a popular conspiracy theory.

Green Day – Holiday

Holiday was the third single released from the bands seventh album and is a prelude to another popular track, Boulevard of Broken Dreams however it was released after this. Although it only peaked at number 11 in the UK charts, it stayed consistently popular particularly throughout the summer.

Chris Brown – Run It!

Before the assult on Rihanna, his feud with Drake and that time he tested positive for cannabis, a 16 year old Chris Brown released this song worldwide as his debut single. The baby faced singer/dancer is clearly at the start of his career looking quite clumsy in parts of the music video and is visibly excited by what he is doing.

Despite this, the teen’s voice received much praise and reached 1st and 2nd place in the UK and US charts amongst others. You could argue Brown was 2005’s version of Justin Bieber, just with more swag and better dance moves. Still it is a little unsettling having a 16 year old clearly grinding a girl in a locker room and singing about how turned on he is…

Dozens of other songs are celebrating their tenth birthday this year, including this travesty,

There’s also the JCB song which reached number 1 in the UK in December.

It’s hard to believe some of these songs have been around for a decade, it’s even harder to think about just how old that makes me now so I don’t think I’ll do that.

To see which other songs are ten years old take a look at Billboard’s top 100, an archive of top songs from each year dating as far back as 1946.

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