David Gilmour announces new solo album and tour

Photo credit: Joep Vullings
Photo credit: Joep Vullings

Four months on from Pink Floyd’s release of The Endless River, the rock legend’s lead guitarist is ready to release his fifth solo album.

Gilmour unveiled a handful of European Tour dates, including three consecutive nights in London.

This will be his first solo album in nine years – the previous album, On an Island, entered the UK charts #1. 

His decision to produce another solo album and play a smaller, eight-night tour shows his desire to scale back from Pink Floyd’s arena shows. He told Rolling Stone: “I’m hoping to do an old man’s tour, not a 200-date sort of thing.”

European Tour Dates

12th Sept – Pula, Croatia

14th Sept – Verona, Italy

15th Sept – Florence, Italy

17th Sept – Orange, France

19th Sept – Oberhausen, Germany

23rd Sept – London, England

24th Sept – London, England

25th Sept – London, England

Photo credit: Joep Vullings

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