The Silence Game


There’s a game I remember, that takes a lot of your time and patience. Regardless of that, it can still be very entertaining if played with the right person.

The rules are simple: two people must face each other and stay silent, no matter what distractions they might find along the way. Players can poke, make weird faces or jump and move around, but never, ever brake the silence. Whoever speaks first, loses. Could the same thing be said in real life?

It’s not as easy as you may think to be silent. Even more so, when you’re surrounded by people constantly talking about their problems, complaining about everything and ignoring the most important things in their lives. Silence is a challenge. After all, isn’t it human nature to desire communication and closeness?

The weird thing is, nobody can quite explain why silence is never the same for two people. For some, silence is about meditating, slowing down their fast-track lives with demanding jobs, while others find loneliness, heartache and much more complex, indescribable feelings. But the way I see it, silence is about detachment and observing people around you.

Whether you’re in a park, at the mall or just aimlessly walking on the streets, it can be unexpectedly satisfying to notice new and exciting things about the world you live in. There’s a man who always walks his dog at precisely 6:00 a.m. every day, then there’s a group of girls sitting on a bench constantly talking about boys. A few steps further, a couple laying on the grass while taking photos, a boy rushing with a red rose in his hand and last, but not least, there’s me strolling in the park without headphones or mobile, simply enjoying the silence of my thoughts. Only, it isn’t silence that I’m aware of when I do this kind of exercise, now beginning to feel more and more like a routine. It’s the delight of enjoying the moment before it passes away, that keeps me going.

We all know that words have power and should be used carefully. It takes courage to speak up when something that doesn’t feel right happens and it is better to confront your problems, than taking the easy way out. Yet at the same time, silence isn’t such a bad thing because it can make you acknowledge the world you live in and to a greater extent, help you find new and unexpected solutions for your daily dilemmas. Who knows? Maybe not all the things that matter in your life can be defined with words.

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