Tens of thousands of people across the UK have signed a petition to put an end to the taxation on sanitary products, Annabel Dry reports.

The petition,‘Stop taxing periods. Period’ was created by Laura Coryton last year to raise awareness of the five per cent tax rate placed on tampons and sanitary towels.

Sanitary products are currently being taxed because HM Revenue and Customs classify them as “non-essential, luxury” items.

Laura argues: “Sanitary products control and manage menstruation. They are essential because without them, those who menstruate would have no way of pursuing a normal, flexible, public or private life and would be at risk of jeopardising their health.

“Essential items should not be taxed because tax implements a monetary discouragement that lessens a product’s accessibility and affordability.”

Laura also points out that the Government taxes sanitary products but not exotic meats such as crocodile steaks.“If you value the functioning of those who menstruate at least as much as you enjoy your crocodile Friday then sign our petition and join our campaign.”

To date, the petition has accumulated over 80,000 signatures to end the tax on tampons, but the Treasury has not yet responded to the campaign.

Earlier this week when the Prime Minister, David Cameron, was asked whether he would take the tax off sanitary products, he said that he will “take a look at the issue”.

In March, George Osborne is due to make his next budget statement where he will announce the Government’s planned changes to tax. Laura hopes her petition will raise awareness and put tampon tax on his agenda.

One thought on “The tax on tampons: a bloody outrage

  1. The whole thing is an evil plot by men.

    Once tampon tax has been abolished men will have a green light to demand about 25% off food because men require that much more calories per day simply for being born men.

    And nobody will be able to argue against the logic once we’ve accepted the feminist’s tampon argument.


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