Nigel Farage was forced to abandon an event in Rotherham yesterday due to angry protests outside his party’s office.

The UKIP leader was due to cut the ribbon on the campaign office of UKIP candidate Jane Collins, who will stand in this May’s general election.

He said he was prevented from doing so by the protests organised by anti-facist organisation Hope Not Hate, whom he claims unjustifiably target his party.

He told LBC radio: “It is anti-democratic and incredibly un-British and yes, I am getting pretty bored with it.”

Hope Not Hate founder Nick Lowles laughed off the claims made by the UKIP leader. He said: “Farage is smearing us because he knows our campaign can hurt his party’s prospects in May.

“Rather than deal with the racists and oddballs we expose within his party, he prefers to attack the messenger.” 398370_10150608988831854_551920726_n

Rotherham Labour MP Sarah Champion claimed that Farage’s visit to the town amounted to “rubber-necking”, following the damning report into the mishandling of child sex abuse allegations by Rotherham’s Labour council.

She tweeted: “Hilarious Nigel Farage is trapped inside the Rotherham Ukip shop by people objecting to him coming to rubber neck at victims!”

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